VP’s and Sponsors

Vice Presidents and Sponsors

Barton Regatta is organised by a small committee created from the Barton Road Open Regatta committee and the Norfolk Punt Club. It is gratefully funded by the contributions of the Vice Presidents, race entry fees and by a collection taken on the day of the Regatta by volunteer collectors. The safety boat operators, tea hut staff, timekeepers, flag pullers, entry takers, results calculators,  trophy polishers and general gophers all provide their time willingly to support one of the most enjoyable sailing days in the Broads sailing  calendar, for which we are mightily grateful and thankful.

All our thanks go to our grateful sponsors, who are linked below.


Your local sailmaker for nearly 200 years are proud to be a sponsor of Barton Regatta.

An additional Thank You to our Vice Presidents, whose names are below. Without their support, the Barton Regatta would have been a much less splendid and fun event.

David Adler, Esq
Peter Bainbridge, Esq
Mike Barnes, Esq
Simon Bayliss, Esq
Ms Julia Bennet
Anthony Boardman, Esq
Stuart Burrows, Esq
Henry Cator, Esq
James Clabburn. Esq
John Clabburn, Esq
Tom Clarke
Don Cleaver, Esq
Robert Cobb, Esq
Philip Curl, Esq
Mrs Sarah Davies
Simon Daniels, Esq
Mrs Poppy Ferrier
Nick Gill, Esq
James Gunn, Esq
Robert Harber, Esq
Mrs Ruth Harmer
Dr. Philip Harston
Peter Hawes, Esq
Malcolm Kemp, Esq
Paul Howes, Esq
Keith Izatt, Esq
Ben Mackintosh, Esq
Ian Masters Esq
Natalie O’Dwyer & Giles Bryan
Timothy Pallister, Esq
Patrick Richardson, Esq
Robin Richardson, Esq
Dr. Philip Roberts
Edward Rudd, Esq
Ben Simpson, Esq
Shannon Simpson, Esq
David Skinner, Esq
John Sennitt, Esq
Peter Tallowin, Esq
Mike Tims, Esq
Capt. Andrew Tillett
Jeremy Tusting, Esq
Paul Watson, Esq
Mrs. Anne Whelpton
Chris Williams, Esq